The needs of any non-profit organization extend beyond the help it receives through financial support from donors. Organizations like ours also rely on volunteers to continue moving us forward, allowing us to keep concerts affordable to the public and membership costs low for our choir members. Of course, contributing your time and/or skills to the Lawrence Civic Choir doesn’t require membership in the choir. Anyone with an appreciation for the arts is encouraged to volunteer and can do so in a number of different ways.

Administrative + Board Duties

In some situations, non-member volunteers may be permitted to assist with leadership duties. Due to the nature of some of these positions, restrictions may apply. Non-member volunteers will need approval from the board.

Concert Staff

The easiest and most popular way for non-members of the chorus to volunteer is at showtime. Many volunteers find ways to give their time through ushering, ticket taking, stage managing, and other small, but necessary duties.

Find out more about volunteering by contacting George Escobar, Vice President.