Concert Sponsorship

To enhance audience enjoyment of Lawrence Civic Choir concerts, the choir provides concert information in professionally ­designed programs. The programs spotlight performers, contain photos of the choir membership, and offer ways to support this non­-profit volunteer organization. The program also includes space for sponsors to display information about their company, business or organization to the many people who attend performances each year.

Ad specifications. Click the image for details.
Do you or anybody that you know have a business or product they would like to advertise? If so, we would love for you to sponsor our concerts. Any ad space that is purchased will be sponsoring both of our winter and spring concerts, which means twice as much ad time!
Ad deadlines are on October 14th, 2019

Sponsorship through the purchase of ad space allows the choir to keep membership fees and ticket prices low so that everyone who wants to attend a performance or participate as a choir member can afford to do so. Ad sponsorship helps cover the cost of artistic director and accompanist salaries, concert production fees, music acquisition costs, and instrumental musician fees.

Please consider supporting, or continuing to support, the Lawrence Civic Choir by not only attending our concerts, but also sponsoring the choir through the purchase of advertisement space in our concert programs.

If you have questions about sponsorship or how to become a sponsor through ad placement, please contact Cheryl Heide at or Tracy Russo at