Apparel Policy

Apparel Policy

In order to promote a more professional appearance, the Lawrence Civic Choir has established an apparel policy. All LCC members participating in public performances will wear apparel conforming to this policy. The Board may waive this policy for the whole group or for individuals based on special circumstances.

Women will wear long, black dresses in a style designated by the choir and black heels or dress flats. Dark stockings are encouraged. Jewelry should be limited and should not detract from the overall uniformity of the choir. Hem lengths should conform to choir standards. Men will wear black tuxedos with white tux shirts, black bows ties and black cummerbunds. Shoes and socks should be black.

The choir will assist female members in ordering dresses. Men may purchase their tuxedos through the choir or elsewhere as long as the tux conforms to apparel guidelines.

Clothing should be neat, clean, well-fitted and hemmed for the concerts.

Order Process: All dresses and tuxes should be ordered early in the semester to assure delivery. Apparel must be paid for prior to ordering. The choir will charge the cost of the outfit plus appropriate shipping and handling. Any alterations will be paid for by the individual choir member.

Scholarships: A limited number of scholarships are available for choir members who cannot afford to purchase the attire on their own. Members must fill out a Scholarship Application form stating their reasons for requiring the scholarship. The President and Treasurer or Finance Committee will review the application and approve or deny the request.

All scholarship attire remains the property of the Lawrence Civic Choir. As a condition for receiving the Civic Choir attire scholarship, the member agrees to return the dress/tux clean to a member of the Attire Committee within one week after the semester’s performance, unless granted specific exemption. Failure to abide by these rules may jeopardize any future scholarships from the LCC. Any alterations should be minimal and temporary, if possible. Hems should be wide enough to allow for future change.

If the member pays the entire cost of the outfit prior to the concert, the outfit will belong to the member and will not need to be returned.

Resale: The LCC will not be responsible for buying back apparel when a member leaves the choir. However, the choir will be glad to facilitate the sale between members through its website. The price and terms will be solely between the purchaser and seller and the choir will have no responsibility for any portion of the transaction.

Sizing set: The Board has approved the purchase of a set of dresses for use in the fitting process. The sizing set will be the property of the choir and proper records will be maintained to account for this choir asset. The sizing set may also be used for scholarship dresses or for new purchases. Replacement may be made when a dress is sold from the set.

Attire Committee: There will be an Attire Committee composed of at least one Board member who will be responsible for sizing, preparing orders, distributing and monitoring compliance with the Apparel policy. This committee can recommend changes to the official apparel and the apparel policy.

Financial arrangements: The Treasurer will receive all payments for dresses from the choir members and will pay for all apparel when ordered. The budget should have a specific line item for scholarships and any purchase of new apparel as result of a scholarship should be recorded.