Love to sing great choral music?

New members are welcome to join the Lawrence Civic Choir at our first rehearsals, usually in late August/early September and mid-January. Our two annual concerts are in December and late April or early May. Specific rehearsal and concert dates are posted here:

To join, you may pre-register online here: Registration Form or just sign up at our first rehearsal and start singing! (If you miss the first rehearsal, come to the second – you can catch up. If you have to miss the first two rehearsals, you’ll need the director’s permission to join the choir, but he can be persuaded.) We ask that you plan to miss no more than two rehearsals each semester, as our musical selections are often challenging and we strive for a high level of precision and musicality. You can see what we’ve performed in our past concerts and get an idea of the type of music we perform here: Past Concerts.

Membership dues are $40 for new members, $50 for returning members each semester and $25 for students with a valid ID. Music Deposit is $25. Upon return of the black folder with all music included, the $25.00 music deposit will be returned at the end of each semester/concert in the form of a $25.00 gift card. Another cost is concert attire, which is a one-time purchase. The women must purchase the choir’s dress ($75), and the men have the option to procure their own black tuxedo or they can participate in the group order ($100). If either the semester fee or the attire cost poses a hardship, please contact one of the Board Members to find out about fee waivers. The whole choir participates in fund raising which allows us to handle these situations, so please let us know. It is not our intent for the choir’s cost to prevent anyone from participating in the choir.