The choir’s European tours and “Sister City” connections have promoted cultural exchange. Under the auspices of Friendship Ambassadors, the Choir traveled to Poland in 1980 and to Austria and Romania in 1986, bringing goodwill and hope to audiences behind the Iron Curtain. Other tour destinations have included Austria and Hungary in 1990, England and Wales in 1993, Eutin, Germany (Lawrence’s Sister City), Prague and Vienna in 1996, and Italy in 1999. Several of these tours included “home-stays” with local musicians and their families, creating bonds of friendship, and a deeper appreciation of each others’ cultural heritages. In June 2000, a group of singers from Hiratsuka, Japan (another sister city) joined our choir in concert. Again, “home stays” with our choir members provided opportunities for learning and sharing cultural experiences.

The choir represented Kansas in concert at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, in October 2001. The LCC also performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City in June 2004. In 2008, the choir toured western and central Kansas, singing at the Cathedral of the Plains in Victoria, the First Presbyterian Church in Pratt, and at the First United Methodist Church in Council Grove. In 2010, the choir traveled to Colorado to sing at the Hyde Chapel at the UMCA camp in Estes Park. Choir members spent time sightseeing in Colorado, and they were invited to sing several songs during the Sunday morning service at the U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet chapel. The choir traveled to St. Louis, Missouri in 2012, singing concerts at the Manchester United Methodist Church, the University City Methodist Church and an impromptu performance at the St. Louis Basilica.